Fokker 27

Fokker 27
Mk 200/500/600 - Two 1730kW (2320ehp) RollsRoyce Dart Mk 5367R turboprops driving four blade Dowty Rotol propellers. FH-227E - Two 1715kW (2300shp) Dart 5327Ls.
Mk 500 - Normal cruising speed 480km/h (260kt). Service ceiling 29,500ft. Range with 52 passengers and reserves 1315km (710nm). FH-227 - Max cruising speed 473km/h (255kt), economical cruising speed 435km/h (236kt). Range with max payload 1055km (570nm), range with max fuel 2660km (1440nm).
Mk 500 - Empty 12,243kg (26,992lb), operating empty 12,684kg (27,964lb), max takeoff 20,410kg (44,996lb). FH-227 - Operating empty 10,398kg (22,923lb), max takeoff 20,639kg (45,500lb).
Mk 500 - Wing span 29.00m (95ft 2in), length 23.06m (82ft 3in), height 8.71m (28ft 7in). Wing area 70.0m2 (753.5sq ft). FH-227 - Same except length 25.50m (83ft 8in), height 8.41m (27ft 7in).
Flightcrew of two. Seating for 44 at four abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch in original fuselage length versions (Mks 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 & F-27). Standard seating for 52 and max seating for 60 at 72cm (28.5in) pitch in Mk 500. FH-227 seats 52 at 79cm (31in) pitch, or a maximum of 56.